So you want to buy cheap land for sale and want to look a bit further than your own county. It can be difficult because local estate agents that deal in land don’t tend to have much available and it is limited to what is available only locally to them, but thankfully there are now on like agents that work with nationwide networks of agents who have land and acreage available across the country.

Your next decision is what type of land you want to buy and what facilities or businesses you want to run from the land, as it can make sense to buy land that is already set up for the usage you want. Let’s consider some of your options.

Choosing the Right Cheap Land For Sale

Land is like anything else, you get what you pay for. Buy cheap and you will end up with land that is remote and possibly difficult to work or build on. This may be very beautiful land but without road access, near by towns, connected utilities and building rights the land might not actually be that attractive to you or anyone else. So before you get too interested in a piece of land there may be several things you want to assess.

First of all does the land already have a property on it? If so that is a good sign that you will be able to build further on the land, even if it is just to improve the current property, or knock it down and build another property with a slightly larger footprint. What is that property like though? Does it have electricity connected, does it have a telephone, running water? A basic hunting cabin might seem livable but without the typical utilities required for modern day living life might be hard work, and adding this utilities later could be very expensive and time consuming getting utilities companies to sign off your connection.

Access is another factor to consider, many plots of cheap land don’t have access roads, and are only accessible via other land own by other people. So you will want to check you have access rights fist of all to get to your land, then you may have to price up having an access road laid to get to your property and to the point of your property where you intend to work or live. Access can be an expensive add on to a cheap piece of land so if in doubt opt for land that already has access.

Linked to access quite literally is local facilities. Where is the nearest Doctor, Gas Station, Supermarket or Bar? You might like to live in the country but still be able to drive into town to speak to other human beings and barter for food and drink. Without these local amenities life out in the country might become dull and very difficult very quickly.

So yes, consider your options first before jumping at the cheapest piece of land available.