While the living room is typically viewed as one of the primary gathering places of a home, many homes struggle with turning this space into a destination of appeal. That’s a shame, because in many cases the problem rests not with the residents themselves, but with the lacking amenities offered in this room.

If you are struggling with a living room that doesn’t seem to attract other family members and even house guests, it might be time to review the room’s current setup. By making a few changes to the layout and the entertainment options featured in this part of your home, you could quickly revitalize the space to make it a go-to destination that everyone will love. Read on for some tips to get the most out of this room and start living it up.


Install custom shelving

Those pre-made entertainment units aren’t ideal in a modern living room. With entertainment features quickly changing, customizable shelving is where it’s at. You will want to be able to adapt your entertainment space as your needs and features change, and custom shelves will let you do that. Whether it’s a larger flatscreen, new video game consoles or a beautiful stereo system, this center can house virtually everything you will need in the living room, in effect serving as the functional centerpiece of your entertaining space.

Upgrade your TV

If your television is built in the heavy, boxy style of years past, it might be time to upgrade. Flatscreen television units have come way down in price over the years making decently sized units much more affordable. Check out the various LCD and LED TV options and find a unit that fits your living space and your budget. And keep in mind how you plan to use it, whether for television, sports, movies, or video games — this could change the specific features you prefer.

Install a new sound system

Whatever your reason for using your new television, a new sound system is a natural complement. Many flatscreen television units have poor sound systems that can have their work outsourced to a professional-grade, surround sound stereo system. With this new feature installed, your television viewing experience will be greatly improved, bringing you straight into the moment of whatever you are watching or playing.

Gaming systems

In the past, gaming systems might not have been as conducive to group entertainment. But today’s systems are fully equipped to handle multiplayer games, and there are a lot of fun, family-friendly games that can be enjoyed by large groups — including even people who aren’t video-game savvy. Plus, units like the PS3 and other next-generation gaming systems have a number of other build-in features, including Blu-ray players and Netflix capability, that make these units diverse additions to your entertainment system.

Whether you adopt all of these upgrades or just a few, make sure your changes are appealing to your own personal preferences first. Creating a space that you enjoy is the most important part, and it will help make the room more unique to you. Then, with that in place, you can put a greater focus on using the living room to bring loved ones together for more family time.