There are plenty of occasions when it is necessary to purchase new items for the home. You may be sprucing up your property prior to putting it on the market. Or perhaps you have just moved into a new home or office and are planning a fresh makeover with some new furniture and accessories.

You may choose to decorate each room with a specific theme in mind. Seaside themes can look great in bathrooms, while the children’s bedrooms can give you an opportunity to get creative and design the room with a small astronaut, jungle explorer or princess in mind. A theme unites the ddcor and gives a harmonious feel, adding your personality and putting a unique stamp on each room.

When considering new furniture and home accessories, online shopping sources offer an alternative to trawling the high street and can be a good place to begin your search. Many sites offer ideas for a theme and will suggest accessories to complement each theme. Other sites have focus on specific items such as lighting or office furniture. If you are seeking bargains, don’t forget to investigate internet auction sites.

Ideas for the home
Aquatic or sea themes go hand in hand with bathrooms. Consider a few fun accessories such as buckets and spades, shells and starfish or create an under-the-sea look with blue walls and colourful fish. For something totally different transform your bathroom into a relaxing spa retreat with tranquil colours, scented candles, spa treatments and other accessories.

A theme will probably be a step too far for most living rooms and bedrooms, although you could opt for a general theme such as Gothic, elegant or scenes from nature. You could also take inspiration from countries such as Morocco, India or Africa and add accessories and furniture to match.

Ideas for your office
You’ll probably want to keep your home office fairly functional and save your more creative ideas for other areas in the home. Although there is no reason you can’t add a few funky touches and accessories, particularly if you are planning to spend a lot of time there. Consider brightening up the area with rugs, ornaments and mirrors and make the space relaxing with mood lighting and plants.

Office furniture
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Smith is managing director of an online furniture store. He is writing this article on behalf of furniture at work complaints.