Rosin paper is conventionally utilized in building and construction. This is a single ply and basically an element of hardwood floor and roof barriers. This protective barrier is completely safe since recycled materials are used to produce this. It provides you with a lot of home improvement advantages. You can use this paper for many different construction systems.

Rosin paper

You can find out two different grades of rosin papers out on the market. There are standard and light duty rosin papers. The type of paper you will require depends on your surface protection requirement.

Specifications of rosin paper

· Width

There are different widths of rosin papers available for different applications. The 36 inch width of paper is the most common. However, you can still avail 72 inch and 96 inch widths of paper for the bigger improvement projects.

· Length

Red rosin papers are available in different lengths. You can find out small rolls in 160-foot length. On the other hand, larger rolls are also available. They come in 350- foot to 600-foot rolls.

· Weight

Standard rosin paper weighs 70 pounds. Light weight paper weighs 16 pounds. It is basically thirty inches wide and one sixty seven inches long.

Different uses of rosin paper for surface protection

1. Roofing

This paper is utilized as a sheet between the roofing material and the roofing felt. It acts as a separate sheet that prevents the roof felt from bonding or sticking to any of the metal panes of the roof. It is also utilized as a drip or slip sheet for roofing. If you use it as a drip or slip sheet, it will easily prevent asphalt or tar from falling into your interior of your home or building.

2. Flooring

A sheet of rosin paper can be used as a layer to be put over the sub flooring in your home. However, for better utilization of this paper, lay it under the final wood floor. It acts as a sound-proof material. It prevents creeks when any person walks over the floor. It also decreases the amount of dust in your home.

You can apply this paper on your floor while getting the plaster job done. This is because it prevents plaster dust from drifting away and getting into the eyes of the workers, making it easier for them to carry the job efficiently.

On the other hand, this paper allows you to create a smooth surface. It lets the new hardwood boards slide smoothly over your existing floor.

3. Floor covering

You can use this paper to cover your floor and items during any kind of home improvement jobs such as painting and spraying. This covering protects your floor from paint dripping and spraying. Since it absorbs the dripping paint, it decreases the amount of cleaning job that generally occurs after any paint job.

Alongside, it reduces heavy foot traffic, dust and other debris.

4. Wall liner

This paper can also be used on the interior walls as a separation barrier. This acts as a wind and dust barrier and does not allow them to enter the walls. Earlier, rosin paper was used as an exterior barrier. It was laid under the shingles. However, these days, it is not used as an exterior barrier since it is not waterproof. However, it is quite effective to be used on the interior walls.