Having a beautiful bathroom is always a place of comfort and solace in the home, but there are some designs that stand out above the crowd. What makes these designs so distinctive and appealing? There are a number of things that add to the aesthetic, but one of the easiest things to catch the eye is the bathroom vanity.

What makes a vanity stand out?

The bath vanity is the focal point of the room, besides an oversized shower that has aesthetic beauty. The function of the bathroom vanity goes beyond being a decorative piece, but adds functionality and convenience. There’s nothing more beautiful than a custom bathroom vanity that brings everything together. Here are a few things about a bath vanity that adds variety to your space:

  • Material

The material of the vanity can speak volumes, and there are a variety of materials to work with that can make a huge difference in the look. Granite, wood, tile and other variations in a number of colors will take your bathroom sink and vanity area to another level.

  • Fixtures

Nothing adds distinction to a bathroom vanity like the fixtures. Whether you’re using brushed silver, bronze, oil-brushed nickel or a variation, the fixtures brings everything together. There are a number of fixtures on the market that add modern elegance, like touchless faucets, modern faucets that pull out, or modern push/pull features.

  • Shape

The shape of a vanity can make a tremendous difference in the entire aesthetic of that space. Whether it’s country, rustic, sleek, modern, made with specialty wood or marble, the shape of the vanity stands out in the bathroom space.

  • Sink

Whether it’s an oval bowl, a rectangular design, or based like a waterfall, the shape of the sink of your bathroom vanity comes alive when you have the right piece to match your design.

  • Space

There are a number of bath vanities that take on different shapes, but you want to make sure you have enough space above and below to accommodate your needs. These vanities can be designed with wood or another material, but can easily go to waste if they aren’t functional. Making sure the design is modern enough to meet your needs, while being an integral part of the overall design is key.

Why is the vanity such an integral part of the design?

There are a number of bathroom designs that have floating sinks and other designs that are pleasing to the eye, but when considering the overall design of a bathroom, the vanity is the one place where everything comes together, whether it’s for storage, to accentuate a countertop, to add value in a certain area, to keep an area from looking too bare, and other considerations.

Whether it’s small or large, the bath vanity adds that little something “extra” that keeps the bathroom and its essential purpose intact. It adds comfort and convenience, usefulness and necessity all into one single piece that can be decorated however you want to serve its purpose.

Knowing what you want before even designing your bathroom space can make a difference. There are a number of reasons why you start with the flooring and vanity, working your way throughout the rest of the bathroom. You want to focus on the place where most people spend the most time. For those individuals who need the mirror, where is that usually located? Above the vanity. Tissues? On the vanity. Cleaning supplies? Inside the vanity. The uses are unlimited, but don’t detract from beautiful and engaging designs.