So you’re probably sitting there sweating like crazy and finally came to the conclusion you need a new air conditioner unit. I don’t blame you, summers are getting hotter and hotter. Or maybe you’re just buying a new home and aren’t quite sure which route to take when it comes to your A/C decisions. So, which is better, a ductless A/C unit or a central A/C unit? Let’s dive right into the good stuff!

First of all, what is the difference between Ductless and Central A/C?

This is a very valid question in determining which one you want to go with. A ductless air conditioner is typically a wall mounted indoor unit that is combined with an outside compressor. It doesn’t have ducts in the walls to distribute the air. Instead of cooling your whole home with one central indoor air handler that blows through the ducts, the ductless air conditioning system sends cold air directly to the small air handlers that you can instal throughout your residence. The air handlers remove heat from each room individually. Ductless air conditioner is the best option for those who want to extend their home but don’t want to deal with the installation of a central air unit. Unlike window units, ductless units only require a small hole to be drilled into the wall and this makes it less likely to have an air leakage or security problems plus not to mention it is less visible and less audible. You can see different examples on ComfortUp.

Central A/C or a ducted air conditioning system are air ducts made out of sheet metal that reside inside the walls and ceilings of your home. You can either have the option to heat or cool your home. The warmed or cooled air travel from the central air conditioner unit that is visible inside or outside your home or furnace through the ducts and into the vents which is then delivered to each room in your home. Ducted air conditioning can be ideal for someone who has ductwork installed and is in good condition. However, if the ductwork is damaged and the equipment is damaged you will be better off going with a ductless A/C.


The cost of both air conditioning units are important to know when deciding which unit is the best for your home. You can expect to pay between $700 and $4,000 for central air conditioning. The final cost really depend on the unit as well as the other additional items such as ductwork and the installation rates of the professionals you will have to hire. For a ductless air conditioner you can look around $1,800 and $7,000 which I know sounds like a big number but in the long run it’s a steal for all the advantages that come along with a ductless A/C! The price would include installation and the equipment

Duct or No Duct?

There are a bunch of advantages correlated with a ductless system. For starters they are less visible and more attractive than a big old A/C unit outside. Not to mention they are exceedingly energy-efficient. According to a HVAC Industry veteran, he states that in an average house with ductwork they are losing 25 percent or more of their energy. He also says that by simply removing the ducts they could end up with a more efficient system. This is because ductless models have inverter-driven compressors that speed up and slow down based on the needs of the system instead of actually shutting off entirely like a traditional HVAC compressor does. Another reason to go with a ductless A/C is because it has zone control which allows you to completely shut down your rooms from air conditioning when there isn’t a need for it. By doing so, it is a huge benefit compared to central air, because with central air you cannot control where it is cooling and can waste from 1-5 tons of air. With zone control you can save energy and can be less costly than a central A/C

Go with a Ductless A/C

In conclusion, you should stick with a ductless A/C. It has more benefits and can definitely save energy which in return saves the planet. Not only that but most duct systems are either old, leaking or just poorly designed and with a ductless A/C these factors will be the least of your worries!