It is a natural reaction for one to pick up the phone and dial the first pest control company they can find when they are face to face with an unwanted pest inside of their home. While chemical treatments may seem like the best solution for the problem, many pest control chemicals and solutions can make the home a toxic place to live in. In fact, some companies recommend for their customers to make alternative living arrangements during the first few days of treatment. To protect your home and your health, here are several reasons why you should use green pest control at home.


Only Harmful to Critters


Organic solutions are very targeted. There is no need for one to worry about the health of their children or pets, should any of them come in contact with any solutions. It is possible for one to effectively treat their home with naturally occurring substances, without harming the environment around them. Organic pest control solutions are toxic and in many cases lethal to insects and certain kinds of non-domesticated animals, and nontoxic or low toxicity to humans. Some organic items such as neem, orange and cedar oils give off a scent that is aesthetically pleasing to humans, but disruptive to the biological functions of some harmful home invaders, such as termites and ants.


Convenience and Affordability


Items such as sand, essential oils, borax, and other biological substances can be found in grocery stores, hardware stores, and in one’s home. This makes it much easier for one to find the products they need to keep pests away. Many organic solutions are also much more affordable than chemical pest control products.


Highly Effective Long Term Solutions


The organic composition of natural pest control solutions doesn’t decrease their effectiveness. Since many organic products can be found in the surrounding environment, they provide long-term pest control as well. This is a bonus for homeowners, since this further reduces the need for frequent service calls and enables them to keep more money in their pockets.


May Take More Time to See Results


One unattractive drawback of natural pest control products is that it can take more time for them to take effect. Depending on the type of pest that is in the home and solution that is being deployed, results may take a few days to weeks to appear. Chemical products are toxic and harsh to the environment and can kill some pests immediately.


Includes Physical Barriers


One effective way to keep unwanted visitors away from your home is to use physical barriers. Barriers such as sand can make the surrounding environment and your home’s foundation uninhabitable for termites since it draws the moisture out of the area. While sand is a low-cost solution, other physical barriers such as traps are not as cost effective.



Always consider the advantages and disadvantages of any method of pest control prior to treatment. While one does not need to be an expert in this subject, it is very important for one to read up on it first. One always has the option of hiring a local pest control company in Lancaster, PA that uses low toxicity products as well. Many people have better results when they use a combination of physical and natural treatments methods to protect their homes.