If you’re having a new bathroom fitted you will have been considering all sorts of options. From tiles and taps to shower curtains and loo roll holders; there are an awful lot of decisions to be made.

One of the most important things to decide on is the bath. Having a bath is not just about getting clean. It is also about taking time out to relax and pamper yourself; to unwind after a stressful day at work and shut yourself away for some dedicated “me time”.

So to find the best bath for you, read on for our top tips.



The bath is the main feature in the bathroom and will help to set the style of the space. The shape of the bath is usually determined by the size and shape of the room, but these days baths come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so it does not have to be a boring rectangle, even in limited spaces.

Consider whether you are going to have a freestanding bath or whether it will be fitted against a wall. Look into corner or even circular baths if you have the room.

If you don’t have room for a separate shower cubicle you will probably want to go for a rectangular bath with a shower fitted to the wall at one end.



Baths do come in standard sizes and your floor plans will dictate how large you will be able to go. Even if you are desperate for a large bath do not squeeze the biggest one in as it will only make the rest of the room look cluttered and too small in comparison.

There are also different depths of bath, but bear in mind that a deeper one will take longer to fill and use a lot more water.

Your choice should be mostly led by practical considerations in terms of size and depth.



For a romantic, vintage theme go for a freestanding round bath with feet and a roll top. These are truly decadent and you’ll soon be spending hours having a soak.

If a modern, minimalist look is more your thing then stick with a rectangular bath or a square corner bath.



Cast iron, steel and acrylic are not the only options when it comes to bath materials these days. Stone, marble, granite and even composite stone are also available.

The material will usually be dictated by the style of bath that you choose. Freestanding baths are generally iron, a luxury sunken or Jacuzzi bath may be acrylic or marble.



The taps on a bath are like the icing on the cake. They complete the look and bring your theme together.

If you and your partner like to save water by sharing a bath then chose taps that are fitted in the middle of the bath so neither of you has to have them sticking into your back.

Whether you choose a mixer tap or separate hot and cold taps is personal preference.


This guest post was contributed by Holly Powell on behalf of Wibtrac walk in showers and baths (www.wibtrac.co.uk).