Look around your home and consider the materials you can see. I am not talking about the soft furnishings, but rather the more substantial materials. Most people would assume that plastic would be the major material you see, but that is not necessarily true. Even with a quick glance, you will have seen glass, tile, wood, and metal; and it is metal I want to talk about here. Metal is still the go to material for many designers; and that includes interior design. Here are a few areas where metal is still king as far as designers are concerned, and that show us how important the metal in our homes really is.


Everywhere you look in a kitchen you will see metal. Your appliances will be made of metal, and your cutlery (maybe even your crockery) will also be made of it. Stainless steel is the perfect choice for kitchen surfaces as it is easy to keep clean (and spot the dirt), and is the first choice for many chefs when it comes to pots and pans too. The fact is that you could have a whole kitchen (cabinets included) made from stainless steel, and you would have a classy kitchen that would be as hygienic as an operating theatre.


Like the kitchen, the bathroom has many metal features, but here, you will find a wider range of metals. Zinc and copper are popular in the bathroom too, and you are as likely to see copper or bronze in a modern bathroom as you are to see stainless steel. They may take a little more maintenance (here is a great article on maintaining copper in your bathroom), but the beauty of a metal like copper used as a basin or bath will stun your guests, and give your bathroom a look of luxury that is hard to beat.


Imagine a four poster wrought iron bed, covered in classy Italian lace, or satin sheets. Now imagine the scene with a plastic bed. It’s not quite the same, is it? Wrought iron may not be the obvious choice for home furniture, but in the bedroom it is a classic. Along with brass, wrought iron is still a favourite of home designers and interior designers alike; particularly when it comes to the bedroom. Solid and beautiful; what else could you want from a bed?

Interior Features

Metal is once again becoming the darling of interior designers, and with good reason. Metal has always been strong and damage resistant; but now it can be worked into any shape and be given finishes to suit any décor, it can be utilized for looks too. Whether you want to give your home a stunning modern look, with mixtures of copper and dark woods, or fit a traditional (though pre-fabricated) lintel from one of the many steel fabrication outlets in London, you will be adding to your home’s look with a metal feature.


No longer is metal furniture the functional choice of offices and reception rooms, it is now being combined with countless other materials by designers who understand that metal can be attractive as well as functional. Glass, wood, other metals, and (dare I say it) plastic, are all being combined to create beautiful furniture that would bless any home.

It may seem that metal comes in and out of chic on a regular basis, but the truth is that it never really goes out of chic; it simply fades out of focus for a while.