Bathrooms usually aren’t constructed with a lot of storage space in mind. Bathrooms are utilitarian places. You’ve got you toilet, your tub and shower, your vanity, and usually little else. This can be a problem in small homes, or homes with little storage space. Those who enjoy lots of closets throughout the home, can stow bathroom stuff away in a hall closet, but those without this space have to find other options. Bathroom-stored goods make little sense tucked away in other places of the house. For this reason, it is best to add extra storage to your bathroom in the form of cabinets, if bathroom storage is limited.


1)    Where? Bathroom cabinets can be mounted just about anywhere. You can hang them on your wall, just like your elevated kitchen cabinets. You can upgrade your bathroom vanity to give you more cabinet space beneath your sink. You can get very thin cabinets to provide storage spaces in cramped bathroom crannies. You can even buy waterproofed varieties to store your shower goods, right on the shower wall (just don’t put anything too perishable in there). Finally, you can even hang some designs right from the ceiling, provided your ceilings are high enough. With all these options, there is no bathroom that can’t find room for a little extra cabinet space.


2)    What for? Cabinets serve a lot of purposes, and where you place them will depend a lot on what will be stored within. If you have a lot of household chemicals, cleaning agents and whatnot, you want those stored out of the way, but also safely. If you have small children roaming the house, it is best to childproof cabinets that contain chemical agents, especially if the doors to these boxes are near the ground. But you don’t want other kinds of items to be stored near the ground. If your cabinets are going to be used to stow towels and everyday toiletries, these items are better stored at eye or chest level, where they can be easily accessed whenever you need them. These cabinets are not as needful of childproofing, though you may want to outfit them all the same, if you plan ever to mix their use with more dangerous storables.


3)    What Color and Style? Cabinets come in every style and color. While cabinets (usually in wood) can be sanded and repainted, this is an expensive and labor-intensive process. Therefore, it is better to pick the right color the first time. Many people get a lot of mileage out of white and black. These color extremes tend not to look “dated” in the same way that other color offerings do, though a tastefully chosen color can stand the test of time. You may have other style considerations to think about, but if you have a distinct style in place, you already likely know what you are looking for.


Bathroom cabinets can add storage space and even style to your bathroom. Rightfully chosen and placed, they won’t clutter the room and will, in fact, make it a more functional place.