If you live in an apartment you do not always have a lot of space to play with. The last thing you want is an environment that feels cramped and uncomfortable. It can be really difficult to fit all of your belongings in and still have room to swing a proverbial cat. The obvious first step to creating more room in your apartment is to get rid of any items you do not use, or need, any more.

But what happens after you have done this? How can you store everything you have in your home and still have some space around you? We are going to take a look at some creative storage tips you may find useful for your apartment.

Think walls as well as the floor

It’s easy to get stuck thinking about the floor when you are thinking about storing things in your home; but what about the rest of the space in your home? It’s amazing how useful just a few simple hooks in the wall can be. You can hang up clothes as well as bags. You can even create your own colourful storage sacks that act as a wall decoration as well as a place to store books, magazines and accessories.

Do away with doors

If you have doors on the cupboards and storage areas in your apartment they can take up vital inches of space. You do not have to forgo the separate storage area just because you remove a door. It’s worth considering replacing doors with curtains. You still get to shut off the storage from the rest of the room but the curtain is thin so it does not take up valuable room space.

Maximise cupboard space with storage caddies

How many cupboards and wardrobes are packed at the top with clothes, and at the bottom with shoes, but have a large area in the middle that is not used? If you only have a limited amount of room in your home this middle space can be really useful.

One of the easiest ways to ensure you make full use of your entire wardrobe and cupboard space is to use storage caddies. You can place items inside them and stack them neatly inside the cupboard or wardrobe.

Do not forget the garage

It’s important to remember that you do not have to store all of your belongings in your apartment. If you have allocated garage space this can be a perfect place for storage. Even if you have a vehicle to keep in the garage you can still keep other items there as well. You can use a solution such as over bonnet storage to make use of space on the walls of the garage.

Apartments can often be lacking in space so you need to be creative in order to live happily in your home. Hopefully, you have found our tips useful in helping you to be creative with the space you have.