In small condos, simplicity is key. With the small space available, there is not much you can do in terms of rearranging furniture or adding some compartments if you wish to put up a home office. But with a great deal of creativity, there are ways to maximize the space you have. Many new condos in Toronto, for example, have a home office.

If you work from home and you want to create a little office in your condo, here are some tips for you:

  • One corner in your bedroom or living room can be used as your home office. Set a small work table and a comfortable chair to go with it. It is important that you choose a chair that has the right back support since you will be spending most of your work time in that seat.

  • One trick to utilize living room space is to move your sofa to the middle and use the space at the back as your home office. Choose a desk that is narrow and rectangular in shape and set it next to the wall. A desk with built-in drawers is even better so you can have storage space for your documents.

  • A small shelf or office drawer can help you organize your work files. A wall-mounted shelf is not just useful for your books; you can use it as a nice wall art display. You can neatly arrange and keep paper works inside the drawer to utilize space instead of piling them up on your desk, which would also make your home office look messy.


  • Aside from a shelf or a drawer, you can use boxes to organize files and documents, but these must be arranged neatly. Place them where in an area that is not so conspicuous to avoid eye clutter.


  • If space is really an issue in your small condo, you can make use of a collapsible table and a folding chair. These pieces can be easily moved and rearranged.

  • Lighting is very important for home offices. A nook in the corner of your living room by the window can provide natural lighting during daytime. An office lamp is useful if you need to work at night. Just make sure you have an electrical outlet nearby for your computer, gadgets and other electronic device.


  • Decorate your home office area nicely. You can paint the room with light-colored tones to easily set the mood for a relaxing work ambience. A lighter gray tone will make a good choice, and you can accentuate it with bold and bright colors to create a cheerful atmosphere. But in order to have a unified look, try using the same color for almost everything in your office space.

Have fun while exploring the possibilities of creating a home office in your small condo. Use your creative talent in turning a small space into something useful.