Decorating your own home is the most pleasant feeling. You have so much to think, decide and then implement. The theme of the house, the colour combination, the furniture type and many more such fanciful things. You turn to the internet for ideas or sometimes keep a vigilant eye over other’s interior.

Among other material decoration of the house, deciding upon the type of flooring is, you can say, a tricky matter. There is so much to take into consideration:

  • What is your flooring budget?
  • Do you have kids and what is safe for them?
  • Do you own pets and of what kind?
  • Do your house tends to get muddy?
  • Which area of the city you live in, whether it attracts more dust, or it is considered as a clean area from pollution and dust?
  • Do you use separate shoes or slippers for outside and inside the house?
  • What is the frequency of accessibility of the room or area?

Though it is always desirable to follow the trends, it is most essential to take care of the comfort and safety concerns as a priority. Answer these questions and check the type of floor that can serve the purpose, based on your answers.

You have multiple flooring options to choose from:

Hardwood –It is durable and warm and has a natural feel. Available in Oak, Brazilian & Tasmania cherry & exotic wood, it comes in style as plank, parquet and prefinished boards.

Laminate – They’re composed of different wood-based materials like engineered hardwood and plywood, that are layered, or laminated, together. Each board is then topped with a wood grain photographic imprint.

Bamboo- Material used in their creation is lightweight woody grass, instead of a tree. They are known for high durable floors that can resist swelling and contraction with the change in humidity.

Cork – It has a similar construction like bamboo, but also has a honeycomblike cellular structure to give cushiony feel underfoot. It absorbs sound and vibration and bounces back if dented.

Linoleum – It is green-floor which uses materials like linseed oil, rosins and wood flour. It has bactericidal properties which stop micro-organisms from multiplying, leaving the floor hygienic. They are shock proof, water, ding and scratch resistant.

Tiles–They are hard-wearing and waterproof. Popular choices are porcelain, terracotta and natural stone such as marble, granite, travertine or slate.

Carpet– The carpet floor is chosen to add extra comfort and softness to the room or area.

Vinyl – It is the most value-conscious flooring. These are available as sheets or self-stick tiles. There is a wide assortment of this type of flooring – LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), LPV  (Luxury Vinyl Plank), LVT Healthcare environment.

Concrete – It is thesteadiest flooring option with high durability, low maintenance and radiant heat. The floors are customizable as per your design taste with the use of sealers and speciality stains

Each one of the floors has their own charm, usability, pros and cons. To make decisioning simpler, just know about each type of flooring and where they would suitthe most. You can also make decisions based on the type of room or area of your home. There are following instances –



Bedrooms are meant to be cozy, comfortable and full of pleasantness. Which floor, other than carpet, can provide all these altogether.Especially in case of babies, carpets in the bedroom is the safest option (when they learn to get down from the bed). Though they need high maintenance and regular cleaning to remain hygienic and prevent allergies. You can avoid using them if you live in an area with heavy dust. In such case, wood, laminate, vinyl or LVT floor can also be laid. For a soft feel, you can use rugs on these floors.


Patterned vinyl or LVTs is the most suitable option for your kitchen (wood is least suitable since it tends to expand & contract in a moist atmosphere). It required minimal maintenance with an easy mop cleaning. Luxury vinyl tiles come in gorgeous pattern and designs which would leave your guest awestruck.

Lounge & Dining Room

Lounge & Dining Room welcomes any of the above types of flooring. The decision here greatly depends upon your personal choice and feel; if you wanted your guest to sit and dine in a cozy space, choose carpets or choose other hard and wood floor for more styling options.


The ideal choice for the hall is wood flooring. Secure any dust with outer and inner doormat to keep this busiest area clean. Vinyl would also go fine for hall due to the fact that they are easy to clean, and they don’t mind water. So, in case of a rainy day, you would not have to worry for some wet shoes in the hall.

Landing & Stairs

Long pile carpets are trending choice for the landing areas and the stairs. This is because these areas are expected to have a lot of traffic and barefoot movements. Wood and laminate do seem to fit on the stairs, but they can be slippery, especially in case of spillage.

Bathroom & other water-prone areas

Vinyl and LVTs are clearly the winning options for the bathroom and other wet areas in the house because of their water-repelling characteristics. They would also support underfloor heating, if installed.

You know, there is no single parameter to choose the floor. Although this blog may have given you the direction for thinking. Go ahead and make your home as beautiful as heaven.