The average home is subject to much activity on a daily basis and as a result could do with a good freshen up from time to time. Bathroom, kitchen and everyday tasks can leave odours which linger, but thankfully it’s easy to banish them from the house and restore a delicate balance.

Cooking smells can be particularly potent, as can the smell of smoke or pets and these and other, strong odours cling to clothes and furniture having a stifling effect. However a little time, attention and effort can reduce their impact and make your home smell fresh, clean and fragrant.

There are many different ways to make your home smell pleasant and one of the easiest ways is to clean every day. Simple tasks can have a big impact and here are some ways to keep things smelling good;

Everyday jobs

There are some simple ways to make a big difference and by emptying bins regularly, cleaning sinks and drains and wiping down surfaces, nasty odours don’t stand a chance. Added to that a fresh toilet is easy to achieve as is a hoovered carpet. Cleaning up spills quickly, sealing food and disposing of clutter can all help. By keeping on top of little jobs, the big things will take care of themselves as smells won’t have anywhere to hide!

Opening windows

This is one of the quickest and most effective ways of zapping mustiness and odours and a blast of fresh air can work wonders in any home. Most of us don’t open our windows in colder temperatures, but even in winter opening windows, even briefly, can reduce the concentration of any smells allowing them an easy escape.


There are many different ways to introduce freshness to the home and specialist products can tackle any problem effectively. From lime to aloe Vera there is an air freshener or similar product to appeal to every situation and preference, making sure odours are eliminated from the equation instantly. Products like Zoflora have been specially designed to have incredible results in the fight against unpleasantness.


Scented candles are fashionable and atmospheric with the added bonus of producing a scent which is often unbeatable. With so many different types available, scented candles can have a calming effect, especially when a related scent is chosen. Evoke memories of summer by lighting cotton, floral or fruity fragrances, or to stir up festive cheer choose pine, mulled wine or cinnamon.

Natural solutions

Nature has a funny way of producing some incredibly effective substances which can be useful in the home. Citrus fruits like oranges and limes can be cut and left in the kitchen to absorb the smell of food, while lemon juice and baking soda can also be good for cleaning and soaking up grime.

We all want our homes to be inviting, but sometimes time constraints can affect the result we are able to achieve. With everybody leading busy lives, the simple solutions are often the best, combining effectiveness with quick work, adding up to a fresh, fragrant home.

Amy Christensen is a seasoned interiors writer, constantly seeking out new ways to make sure the home is a pleasant environment to be in. Writing on behalf of Zoflora she enjoys making her personal space as fragrant as possible.