For many, the garage is where we put everything that doesn’t have a place inside the home. If you’ve been using your garage as a “repository” then that’s probably because you haven’t resolved all your organizing challenges. But you can restore order in your home and still leave enough space in your garage for things that you may need to store in the foreseeable future. Should you run out of storage space in your home, the next best option would be to use a storage facility in Montreal.

First Things First

Before anything else, you need to set aside enough time for this gargantuan project. You’ll need at least an entire weekend so that you can get everything done instead of piling them until your next free time.

I would really recommend that you schedule this project on a dry weekend since you’ll be pulling out many items out of the garage and you don’t want them to get wet.

You should also have a team of helpers because it will be too hard to tackle this by yourself. Get your family to help out and be sure to give them instructions and roles so they’ll know exactly what they’re supposed to do.

Getting Started

Once you’ve done all of the above, it’s time to get started. You’ll first need to categorize your items. You can divide them into several groups like sports and equipment, automotive, garden tools, seasonal décor, recycling, donate, throw out, etc. Once you’ve come up with groups, you can start to group your garage items in the driveway. Label them using cardboard boxes so you will not get confused.

Then determine the most suitable layout for your garage. Once you have all the necessary boxes and containers, you can decide where you want each category or group to be, based on their frequency of use and the amount of space you have.

You can also opt to install modular storage or built-in cabinets. By doing so, you can really maximize the amount of space you have in your garage. Make full use of the vertical space available using wall mounted wire grids and peg boards. Overhead space can also be utilized through sturdy shelves that are designed to be mounted to the ceiling.

Lastly, you may need to relocate items within your garage if necessary. For example, if you find that you’re constantly using your garden tools because it’s summer, then you should put this box someplace that you can easily reach or access. If it’s been 5 years since you went camping, then you can place your camping gear further away from the floor. You can even opt to just donate it and save more space.

Set a Schedule for Organizing

Now that you’ve finally kept your garage organized and (hopefully) spacious, it’ll be easier to find things you need and going inside your garage will no longer give you a headache. But your job is not done yet. You need to schedule a quarterly or even bi-annual maintenance so that you can keep your garage clean, properly arranged and tidy.