rat exterminationRats and mice are loathed by some and loved by others, who believe them to be just as worthy of sparing as any other living critter. That being said, it’s a proven fact that they are pest in the fullest sense of the word. Not only will they damage furniture, ransack trash cans scavenging for food, and even attack domestic animals. But, most worryingly, they are sources of disease – not exactly a ‘black plague’ kind of scenario, yet serious enough a threat to be treated accordingly. Yet what do you do when your house has fallen prey to a rodent of some sort, be it a rat, gerbil, squirrel, or field mouse? You can call in the rat extermination services; however, with just a dash of resourcefulness, little to no costs, and some spare time, you can solve the problem yourself, without even having to feel guilty that you’ve caused harm to a living creature.

You need to find a cardboard roll, such as a toilet paper or kitchen towel roll, or an empty tube of candy. Press it down flat, but not flat enough so that the rodent can’t get inside the tube. Place a form of bait at one end of the tube – anything that involves nuts and related foodstuff will work best and rodents are especially fond of peanut butter. Balance the tube with the bait placed inside on the edge of an elevated surface, such as a table or countertop. Make sure the end with the bait is up and in the air and also insure that the rodent can take at least a few steps down the tube without realizing it’s about to tip over. Place an empty garbage can right below the far end of the tube – when it tips over and falls, the mouse will end up in the can. You can line it with some papers, just to make sure that its fall is broken by a cushioning layer. Don’t make the layer too tall, or the rodent will find a way to work its way out of the can.

Leave the trap thus set up out overnight. You should wake up to a rodent that has been trapped in a garbage container. Clean up the can and dispose of the rat or mouse in any way you see fit. Bear in mind that the trap made following the above steps will work for one or two mice or rats. It’s more difficult to use with larger rodents and will certainly do nothing toward solving a serious rodent infestation issue.