Too often, homeowners are concerned about leak repair because they think that it will mean major renovation of the house that will break their budget. Instead of putting a bucket under the drip or waiting weeks before you think you can afford the help, it pays to call a professional plumber instead before the cleanup costs grow. To get a better understanding of whether or not you have a serious issue on your hands and what to do about it, keep reading.

Where you will find plumbing leaks

Obviously, if there is water leaking from the ceiling, the roof might need some repairs. Otherwise, water puddling in the house is usually related to plumbing leaks. Most of the time, homeowners will see that there is a problem with the leak because they find a puddle of water or see it actually dripping. In most cases, this means that the leak has been going on for a considerable amount of time, and this means electricity or air quality could already be affected. Commonly, you will find these types of leaks around sinks, toilets, drains, bathrooms, showers or bath tubs.

What a plumbing leak does to the home

Unfortunately, if a plumbing leak goes on for too long, the repair process can reveal a lot of damage. For example, some homes are susceptible to developing black mold or fungus inside of floors, walls or ceilings due to a plumbing leak. Other damage that can occur because of a plumbing leak include structural damage or a need to replace drywall, ceiling tiles or flooring.

Preventing future leaks in the plumbing with inspections

Five years ago, homeowners did not have the advantage of using computer equipment to inspect the insides of their pipes. However, today, this plumbing pipe inspection tool has become so affordable that pro contractors can easily provide them as a service. By using specialized cameras on fiber optic ropes, a plumbing inspection can reveal on a laptop if you have serious plumbing repairs on the horizon. The process takes minimal time and is affordable considering the disadvantage of having a pinhole leak develop into a much larger problem. In other words, to make sure you stay on top of your budget for home repairs each year, consider scheduling a biannual pipe inspection.

Give us a call for your plumbing leak repairs

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