Winter is just around the corner, and it’s time to start wrapping up. But we can make sure we’re warm and cozy inside as well as outside. Decorating your home so that it feels homely and comfortable during the winter will make it look good all year round. You can play around with colors, and furniture and accessories to make your home look cozy and warm, even if it doesn’t always feel warm. A cozy country look can make your whole house look like a welcoming haven from the winter chill, from faux fur throws to tweed cushions. Here’s how to get the refined country look of a British farmhouse or cottage.


Faux Fur


Faux fur is popular for home decor at the moment and is great for adding a touch of luxury, without being involved in the fur trade. A faux fur throw looks great across a leather sofa or wing-back chair. Drape it artfully across the back or arm, or spread it out to save your thighs from the chill of the leather. When you want to snuggle up and get warm, you can wrap it around you. Fur rugs are great for warming up a chilly room too, and keeping your feet off a cold wood or stone floor. And one or two furry cushions can also be a nice touch. Take a look at pictures of homes for sale in Park Gate for some nice examples of cozy living rooms with warm textiles.


Christopher Barson


Flora and Fauna


If you want to give your home the feel of a country house, you have to embrace imagery of flora and fauna. Deer are a particular favourite, and a majestic stag looks brilliant, whether it’s in a painting or on a cushion. You don’t have to go all out and start buying taxidermy, but if you want something similar to a mounted stag’s head without the hunting, you can get a fake one. Forest imagery looks great too, from wind-swept trees to rabbits and birds of prey. Add some beautiful winter flower arrangements and a Christmas-y poinsettia.


Plush Furnishings


Straight lines and hard edges can look fantastic if you want a modern look, but they aren’t necessarily best for giving your home a warmer feel. If you’re choosing new furniture, go for plush sofas and chairs that are comfortable to sink into and curl up on. Pick leather and soft fabrics for a cozy but refined style for your home. Heavy curtains instead of modern blinds will add to the effect too.


Fill Your Space


To give your home a cottage feel, you don’t want to leave too many wide-open spaces. If you keep your furniture and decoration to a minimum, the rooms will feel sparse and cold. Don’t be shy about filling your home with all kinds of interesting objects and decorative items. Add candlesticks, vases, lamps and knick-knacks to give every room some character. These are the things that make your home feel lived in, and not like a show home that lies empty.