Selecting the right furniture for your home is key to creating the ambiance for a room. With so many styles, colors and fabrics to choose from, where do you begin? Your personal taste and style is a good starting point in selecting the furniture that’s right for you. Construction and durability are very important because your furniture will need to last for at least a decade or more without having to worry about replacing it. Take into consideration how often it will be used and which fabrics will be the most comfortable and durable. Budget is also a big consideration. Bernhardt Furniture will provide you will a huge selection of high quality, well-constructed and affordable pieces that will add beauty and style to every room in your home.


Living Room

If you have a family, the first and largest piece to select for your living room is the couch. It should hold up against the wear and tear of daily usage and be large enough to comfortably seat several people. A good color palette for the couch is a neutral tone. From there, decide which other pieces are most important to you and will best compliment the size and layout of the space. Basic additions include coffee tables, recliners, love seats and ottomans. Select accessories such as pillows, candles, and wall décor to not only add pops of color, but to complete the look of the space. Your living room will become one of the most favorite areas in your home.


The bedroom is an important room to decorate because it is such a personal and intimate space. This room should be as comfortable as possible and be conducive to a very restful and peaceful night’s sleep. The size of the bedroom will determine what size bed would best fit the space. Consider which other furniture pieces will also be included in the space to ensure the room will not be overcrowded. Basic pieces include the dresser, lamps, nightstands and seating areas.


The bathroom is an area where you go to decompress and relax after a long day. Make this space as luxurious and serene as possible. Consider using a dresser as a vanity in which to house the bathroom sink and a set of decorative mirrors in place of a standard plate mirror. There are beautiful pieces at Bernhardt Furniture that will be instrumental in adding a sparkle to the room. If space permits, add a beautiful area rug and a chaise lounge to complete the look.

When you know your personal style, you will have the confidence to select the best pieces that make your space as comfortable and functional as possible.