Do you wish to sit in your favorite hot tub and enjoy the evening weather? I am sure, everyone thinks alike in this aspect. As hot tubs are popular nowadays, many owners gradually prefer to install their hot tubs outside their house. Especially, when, you want to soak inside the warm hot tub in the winter without being cold. But are you worried about how to maintain your outdoor spa. Well, caring for outside hot tub is not that difficult as it sound. As you read this blog post, you will be benefited regarding how to take care of your outside spa.

Outdoor hot tub

The foremost important factor is to check whether the spa pump is always running. Simply because, if the pump stops running, then the water circulation will stop and may make you feel scummy. Another thing to remember is to keep checking the power. The entire, hot tub system might trip if the power goes off. This is something which you should be concerned about to ensure that the spa is taken care of.

The hot tub water chemicals should remain balanced by adding chlorine tablets to the water. It should be done through floating dispenser. You can get floatel dispenser at your local market. This is required as the pump should not be turned off to disperse the chlorine tablets. However, you need to see the size of your hot tub before determining the amount of tablets to put in the hot tub. Ideally, 2 tablets should be inserted once a week to maintain the chemical balance of the tub water.

As the hot tub filter is an important part of the spa, therefore, regular cleaning of the filter is absolutely necessary. Dirty filters are often the cause of the growth of bacteria and many other water problems. All these can lead to severe health issues. Also do change the water completely for every 60 to 90 days. Old water cannot be protected only through chemicals.

If you have the slightest of doubt that the tub water is dirty, drain the water immediately. It is not very difficult and makes the hot tub looks cleaner for all those who use it. You can attach a water hose to the drain plug on the bottom of your hot tub and then drain the water into the yard or the woods. Once the water is drained off, you must spray the tub with disinfectant to remove the soap scum or any other bacteria from the tub. Once everything has been done, you can refill the tub and then turn the hose off and put back to its designated place. To heat up the water temperature, turn the spa pump and relax in your hot tub after a long day’s work.

Clean the cabinet, tub cover and surfaces according to the instruction given the manufacturers. If snow is an issue at your location, then take the help of plastic tarp and place it over the cover to prevent damage from snow.

As you can see, maintaining your outdoor hot tubs is quite easy if you are regular with it.