The server room of a data farm will get quite hot, so hot that it might cause the omnipotent servers of the center to shut down. This shutdown is like a data center falling unconscious, meaning business (and more importantly money) is being lost by the second. One problem often overlooked that a company might face is in data center cooling: how efficiently and effectively they cool their servers and hardware.


Server rooms should have cool, circulating air running through the room at all times. However, the circulating air has to be able to get to the hardware. Spacing each piece of hardware away from the other servers enables the cool air to flow between. The amount of space needed between each device depends on how big the room is, how many machines are present, etc. Industrial cooling of the server or hardware rooms is necessary to cool larger systems.


Not only should servers be kept spaced, but computers as well; computer cooling is also a factor that needs to be considered in a data center’s budget. This can include anything from simply putting laptops on tables where they can ventilate well, to getting laptop surfaces with fans built in.


Server farms need to be properly maintained in order to ensure their efficiency, and therefore the efficiency of the business as a whole. While the cooling systems might seem trivial, without them the whole data center is at risk for a system failure.