We’ve all heard the same old tired stereotype about plumbers being overweight, hairy and often awkward men who make lewd sexual jokes… and while they may be true in some cases (although we do not condone or accept lewd sexual jokes, especially in the work place), they suggest a certain level of incompetence that a licensed plumber would be horrified to have attached to his or her work. Licensed Sydney Plumbers, like other people who are professionally trained in their fields, take pride in the work they do and want to leave you with a good impression. But besides avoiding the tragic stereotype, why else should you hire a licensed plumber?

You’re not qualified

If you’re a licensed plumber reading this article, this section doesn’t apply to you – go ahead and fix all your own home plumbing dramas! But for the rest of us, we aren’t so lucky to be skilled in the ins and outs of residential plumbing. While you might think the issue is minor and can be fixed with a quick trip to the hardware store, more often than not the issue turns out to be far bigger and more complicated than first thought. Alternatively, by fixing it yourself you may end up doing more damage that ends up requiring a plumber anyways… We don’t want you to have to waste time and money trying to fix something that we can probably do in a jiffy, so let us take care of the mess for you!

Saves you time and money

Hiring a plumber doesn’t exactly come cheap, but having to hire a second plumber because the first didn’t complete the job properly is even more expensive. Plumbing crises often pop up at the most inopportune moments, causing massive headaches for the family dealing with them. Hiring a licensed plumber means you get high quality fixes and advice to avoid future issues, saving you valuable time and money in the long run.

Work to your budget

We understand that hiring a plumber may be of concern to you, especially if you are financially strapped for whatever reason. Let your plumber know this up front, as depending on the situation, they may be able to adapt their services to suit your budget or even offer some sort of payment plan, so you aren’t lumped with a single sum bill that will leave you living on lentils and rice for the rest of the month.


A licensed plumber is insured with worker’s compensation and liability insurance, covering the plumber for any injury to themselves or your home, so that you’re not left with an exorbitant bill for medical cover. As plumbing can occasionally be risky business, hiring a licensed plumber ensures you, your home and the plumber is protected by insurance should an incident arise.