Social media has changed the way companies and people network. Today it isn’t about who you know, it’s about who knows you. Marketing yourself through social media has become the norm for businesses and thanks to sites like Facebook and Twitter, interacting with your clientele couldn’t be easier and more beneficial. Real estate as a sector relies heavily on word of mouth and referrals, so it is especially important to get yourself out there, know to people and build a good reputation. Here are some of the main benefits of marketing yourself and your business on social media:

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Receiving supportive criticism could potentially impact your business in a more positive direction and help adjust your marketing strategy. As mentioned above, feedback is vital to help people build trust in you, your business and your abilities. In the age when everyone is shouting about how great they are online, personal recommendations go a long way.

Constantly connected:
Social media provides you with the ability to view problems or concerns customers may have, and far quicker than any traditional methods. In return this gives you the opportunity to respond and resolve these issues immediately, hopefully negating any negative feedback you might get. There are countless examples of businesses who have go themselves into trouble, be it through hardware or software failure, personal problems or even Excel errors, and have taken to social media to mitigate the problem and keep customers informed of progress.

Social media to many can feel more like a personal connection and not just some business advertisement. Being able to read tweets or posts will give you the opportunity to learn what your clients have to say, which can become helpful advice in making improvements within your business, and personalising marketing.

Finding customers:
Using key word searches is a helpful way to find potential clients, with interests that align with your product. Using this tool will give you the opportunity to redirect them to your company’s personal website, and if they are targeted well they should also convert into sales.

Join multiple groups through Facebook relating to your scope of work. Market yourself within these groups by posting a link to redirect potential customers to your site; this will help create brand awareness. You have to strike a balance between informal and too salesy, but when you do this is an excellent way to find new business.

Media sites give you the chance to get your name out there. This can also help lead to clients recommending you to friends and family members through Facebook and helping create traffic to your website.

It’s free marketing:
Unfortunately we aren’t all rolling in money, nor do we have millions of dollars to blow on adverts for our company. These media outlets are easy to use and manage, while giving you the opportunity to promoting yourself without any fee. All in all, if you do it right, it’s an easy win!