A new bathroom can affect your lifestyle and the value of your home. Along with the kitchen, it is the joint most important room in the house. It has to be a space that screams luxury and yet remains practical in all ways. Some people think that a bathroom refit is simply a case of changing the suite and tiles, but there is much more to it if you are to do the job correctly. When you decide it is time to improve yours, you have a golden opportunity to do the job properly, for the benefit of everybody. Here is how to design and fit your new bathroom.



Just because your bathroom is in a tiny room doesn’t mean that it has to stay there. The guys at Texas Plumbing Diagnostics told me that people think they can not move the soil pipe, but that isn’t true. You can do it, even as a DIY project; here’s how.


  • Excavate a hole outside to find out where the stench pipe connects to the sewer. If the pipe is within the walls of the house, you can’t do much about it. But you can run a new one on the outside of the building where the new bathroom is to go.
  • Disconnect the old soil pipe and attach a new one; they are usually push-fittings. Modern plastic pipes are easy to cut, unlike the cast iron ones of old. Remember, you can not use the old bathroom anymore.
  • Run the new pipe up the building and fit a joint where the waste and water from the new bathroom will enter it. Continue the soil pipe up to the top of the house and cover it with a grille.


So, you can move the rooms about and relocate the bathroom to a larger one.


Design Features

If you can use compression joints, you can fit a bathroom. An electrician will have to test and certify your wiring, but that is all. Just as you find technology in the kitchen, the bathroom can feature LED lighting, a modern electric shower, and efficient extractor fans.


Most people take a shower these days, but not all bathrooms have space for a cubicle. Did you know there are L shaped shower baths that give you the best of both worlds? You locate the shower at the wide and where the floor of the bath is flat. Most tubs are dangerous to stand in, but these solve the problem.


Twin wash basins are essential in a modern bathroom. There may be two or more people trying to get ready at the same time in the morning, and one sink won’t do.


Think about the walls and floor. The best designs feature big rectangular tiles. They are plain and give a feeling of space and quality. Try to avoid those that feature complicated patterns or many colours. Though they are a popular choice in middle eastern countries, they are not en vogue in the western world.


You must tackle the lighting in the bathroom, but that is a subject  we will deal with later. Whatever fixtures and fittings you choose for the room, buy the best quality you can afford. You get what you pay for with bathroom fittings, and top quality options will enhance the room. I hope you find this useful; the ideas served me well.