Picking out the right hardwood flooring for your home can be a tough job.  There are a lot of different choices when it comes to hardwood floors that you have to consider and make.  There are also a ton of ways that you can use hardwood flooring to create the perfect design for your home.


A Look at Options for Hardwood Floors


There are so many options that you really have to consider when you are choosing hardwood floors.  Some of these might even be things that you have not considered at all.


Type of Wood
Hardwood floors can be made from a wide range of different types of wood.  Maple, cherry, and oak are the most popular choices for hardwood floors because they are very tough and durable.  There are some choices like mahogany that are perfect for those who do not have pets or children in the home as they are not as tough but their look is striking.




Next you will have to consider the color of flooring that you want.  There are so many choices to pick from.  These include colors that are very light to dark black.  Boards can really be stained to any color specifics that you had in mind.  Additionally you might want to consider different colors of boards or different colors of stains so that you can create a unique look that is completely your own.




There is also the decision on whether or not you want an design laid out with the hardwood floors.  Some people like flooring that mixes together different colors and textures while others want certain areas of their room to stand out.  If this is the case they can choose different colors for those areas or even choose a border that will enclose the area that they want to look different.  Designs can make a room look complete and different on their own.


Board Width & Length


There are many different sizes of boards that can be  used for hardwood flooring.  One choice that you will have to make when you are shopping is how wide you want the boards to be.  You will also have to determine the length of the boards that you would like to have.  Some people like the mixed design that shorter boards can give them but others prefer longer boards to make it look unified.




The texture of the boards can also completely change the look of the floors.  There are those that are shiny and smooth and those that are worn and look older.  This can help you have an antique look to an older restored historic home.  If you have pets and children there are even choices that are made to look worn out, some of which are even hand scraped.




Finally you will need to determine the finish that you want.  Not all hardwood floors have to be shiny.  Some hardwood floors come unfinished which allows you the chance to create the exact look that you are going for.  You will get to finish them yourself so that you can make sure they are indeed the look you are going for.  Other hardwood floors come finished so that you just have to install them.  Knowing which you are looking for can make the shopping easier.


The only thing left for you to do is determine if hardwood floors are right for you.  They can really work great in almost every room in your home.  Then you must determine if this is the right DIY project for you or if you should hire someone to install your new flooring.  If you do not have experience there is a good chance that you might want to consider hiring someone.