Getting carpet flooring for your home or office is a good decision. The reason is that carpets would not only give your room a completely elegant and stylish look but it would also offer insulation against sound as well as cold floors. When buying a carpet, make sure you get the proper size and shape of your floor. Also make sure that the design of the carpet matches the décor of your room. But buying a good quality carpet and getting it installed is not all. If you want to make your carpet flooring last long and keep looking like new for a long time, you have to give a little time and effort to maintain it.

Here are a few tips on how you can maintain your Hyannis carpet in a good condition for as long as possible, without the need of replacement for a long period of time.

  • Regular cleaning – the very basic need for keeping your carpet in a good condition is to clean it regularly. Use a good quality brush or broom that is specifically made for cleaning carpets. If you are too lazy to use a brush or a broom to clean your carpet regularly, use a vacuum cleaner. But make sure you use the right kind of vacuum pressure so as not to damage the texture of your carpet. And once in a while hire a professional carpet cleaner for a thorough cleaning of your carpet.
  • Use different textures and colors – for different kinds of rooms use different textured and different colored carpets. For example, for your sitting room, where the traffic or amount of foot fall would be more, use a hard textured carpet of dark color to make it last longer and to hide any dirt accumulation too. Whereas for the playroom of your children you can use the softer materials and light colored carpets so as to make your kids feel comfortable.
  • Move around furniture – heavy furniture, if kept on the carpets, leave ugly indentation marks on the carpets. To avoid this, make sure you move your furniture around after regular intervals. It would be best if it is possible not to keep any heavy furniture at all on your carpet flooring. But if this is not possible, make sure you use a hard textured carpet.
  • Avoid moisture or food spill – water and food spill can leave your carpet flooring damaged beyond repair. The only solution would be is to replace your carpets. Since places like kitchen, dining room, bathrooms would inevitably have food spills and water, it is better to avoid using carpet flooring for such areas.

If you religiously follow the above given steps in maintaining your carpet, you can rest assured that your carpet would last long. If not for the lifetime of the office or the home but surely quite a few years, before it needs replacing. Choosing wisely, giving a little effort and time in maintenance is all you got to do.

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