kredyt-mieszkaniowyFor many moving home is a stressful event, with a mountain of things to do and remember it can sometimes get all too much. With my imminent move quickly approaching I have decided to make a quick list of the top 8 things I have already come close to forgetting, so you don’t have to and which will hopefully help everything go more smoothly.

1. Get a few quotes from a few different removal companies, you might actually be rather surprised when you realise just how much of a difference there is between and the cheapest and most expensive.

2. Start to collect boxes and other things in the weeks leading up to your move. Saving this annoying process to do all at once last minute will be just 1 more thing to remember.

3. Start to pack some of the things you don’t use every cay such as ornaments and excess utensils.

4. Send out a change of address email to all your friends, you never know they may even offer a helping hand or have some more advice to help your move go smoother.

5. If you have children be sure to notify both schools involved and make sure all records and documents are prepared to be moved school.

6. Contact your phone and internet company and make them aware that you are moving and will need to be reconnected at another address from your move on date.

7. Notify all your utilities and get them paid. Gas and electric companies will need to be made aware of your move at least a couple of weeks before you go, and all bills squared. It is also advisable to get some tenant insurance before you move, if you are going to be renting your new property.

8.    If you have any pets make sure arrangements are made for their safe and smooth passage to their new place. Its often advisable to leave them with a friend or family member and pick them up the following day. You have enough to worry about without having to worry about your pets too!