Residual Current Device or RCD is one of the most important safety features in many households today. Along with fuses and circuit breakers, more and more people installed these safety devices to actually save life and property. But RCD is mainly different from fuses and circuit breakers for the primary reason that RCD focuses in preventing accidents toward people more than properties.

If you still do not have RCD installed in your house, then you might be putting yourself and family in danger. While the danger might not be obvious for the moment, you will regret not having an RCD as soon as you get electrocuted. For this reason, this article will present to you the three benefits of RCD. But before that, let us first know what an RCD is.


High current RCDs are very important safety devices in your home

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What is RCD?

The definition you might read in other books might be too complicated to understand so this article will give you a simple and straight forward answer. RCD is basically a circuit breaker that cuts the electric current every time there is an abnormal flow of electricity. It is really simple. For safety purposes, the live wire and neutral wire should not get in contact with each other. In normal conditions, there should be a balanced electrical current between the live wire and neutral wire. But in case you get in contact with the live wire, the current from the live wire will connect to the earth through your body and eventually connect to the neutral wire. The abnormal shift of current will immediately be detected by the RCD and in less than a second, the RCD will switch off the electric flow, thus saving you from being badly electrocuted.

Benefits of RCD

Now that you know what RCD is and what it does, the benefits of RCD are pretty obvious. But for the sake of discussion, the following are the benefits of RCD.

  • Safety – everyone’s safety is very important. Electricity is a power that should be respected. When used in the right way, it can bring convenience in life more than any other things. But because of faulty wirings, your safety may be compromised because of electricity. In this case, you need high current RCDs. Therefore, you need to install safety to avoid being electrocuted. When you get in contact with a live wire, the RCD will immediately cut off power supply.
  • Saves properties – when live wire and neutral wire get in contact, fire may ensue. Initially, it can fry your wirings and appliances, rendering them useless. If the situation is not addressed immediately, it will then start a fire which can potentially destroy not just your properties but also the properties of others.
  • Saves money – of course, adding RCD as an additional safety device in your house will surely lead to additional expenses. But this is an essential investment that you should not neglect. Imagine the expenses you will avoid in medical care and loss of property. You will see that installing an RCD is all worth it.

These are just some of the benefits of RCD. Do not underestimate its importance and make sure you installed RCD in your house.