If you want to buy a wooden loft ladder then you have a couple of choices. The first is to buy a pre-built wooden loft ladder system, and then have it altered to match the requirements of your loft space. This can involve having the ladders shortened or lengthened for the length required, and also having a the ladders finished to match the surroundings. This might seem like the cheapest solution at first, but actually by the time you’ve had the ladders altered, finished and fitted you could have spent a lot of money on them, and then after alterations your ladders still might not look great as a permanent furniture fixture in your home. You also may have compromised the safety of the ladders by altering them. So what is your second option?

Bespoke Wooden Loft Ladder Systems

Your second option is to have bespoke ladders built for your loft entry. This is ideal if you want a ladder system which is made to measure, takes into consideration the height of the drop, safety issues, and the surrounding aesthetics.

It is often the case that for loft ladders you would want hand rails both sides of the ladder to allow ascension and descension more safely. You would also really want a deeper top step which run parallel to the upper floor so that there is not a gap between the upper floor and ladder which could be a trip hazard. AT the top of the ladder you may want an extended hand rail which allows the climber to step onto the upper floor by climbing higher until their feet are at floor rather than to have to crawl onto the upper floor from the ladder and then straighten up to get to standing position. For permanent fixture ladders its often also preferable to have a slightly decreased incline to make climbing easier and safer than you would have with a temporary ladder.

In terms of aesthetics you have several options based on the material the ladders are made from. You can have steel ladders with metallic finishes for more industrial looking spaces, or for more finished ladders you can choose fiber glass ladders which can be painted in anyway, or aluminum ladder frames with wooden casings. Wooden ladders can be made from several woods for your preferred look, and finishes can be altered from painted, clear, varnished or unfinished wood.

All of the se options and features will ensure that your finished bespoke loft ladders will not only fit in with your room, but be a design feature that your visitors comment on. Not only that but they will be safe to use and able to leave as permanent access points to your loft space. Being able to use your loft space as a permanent room may give you a lot more storage space or perhaps an extra bedroom in your property. Or by adding a mezzanine floor with a ladder system you can add even more space.