Remember the good old days when your mom would just take care of doing your laundry for you? It was like having your own personal hotel maid where your dirty clothes would automatically show up clean and back in your room whenever needed. But those days are now long gone. Instead you have to master the laundry on your own, you know, since you are now an adult and living on your own. Here are a few things to be aware of while you master the art of doing laundry.


Go Easy on the Detergent

Even if the directions on the detergent says to use a full cup, just don’t do it. No load of laundry needs that many suds in it. In fact, the number one reason your washer could be leaking is because you are using too much detergent and it is overflowing out the side or top door. Use less than half of the detergent they say you will need. This will save you money in the long run because you won’t need to buy as much detergent and your clothes will still be just as clean.


Do You Sort Your Laundry or Risk It?

This may depend if you are a man or a woman. A man is much less likely to sort their laundry. They may do a load of the whites on their own if lucky, but all of the other clothes and towels usually end up in one load. It is a guy thing. Women often tend to value their clothes much more and will sort out their laundry like a machine. Towels will be a separate load on their own. Their sheets will be washed once a week. Whites are always separate. For guys, that sounds like a whole lot of work! But if you don’t want colours to possibly run and ruin your clothes, it may be best if you separate.


Why Isn’t the Washer Working?

There are more dials and buttons on a washing machine nowadays than were probably on the control panel of the first space shuttle. It can be easy to get confused when trying to figure out how everything works. But now and then, even if you feel you have pressed all the right buttons, your washer may not be working to the best of its ability. In this case, you should contact a Whirlpool washer repair specialist and get their expert opinion.