Having a business is time consuming and it requires lots of financial investments. It takes more than just a good product or service to have a successful business. You have to make sure your communications, finances, human resources and everything else works fine to accomplish your professional goals. Except if you’re super lucky quickly, time and money are always what’s missing and the biggest obstacles to what you want to accomplish. Every business owner wishes that he would have a huge, efficient and dedicated team and infinite resources but we’re not living in a video game in which there’s a cheat code to accomplish all that.


Because time is money, they are complementary but also often in opposition. Gaining more money takes time and spending time costs money so you have to spend them both wisely. At first, every business owner wants to do everything on their own to pay the least they can. But as soon as a company starts to expand, it becomes impossible for one person to do everything. You have to get some help. The first reflex is to hire someone. Hiring a polyvalent assistant you can trust is great, but as good as he could be, he won’t be able to do everything properly.


When you start your company, instead of hiring specialized professionals who will want to work full time with a salary that matches their capacities, you should try subcontracting. For example, you could need to communicate with foreign people for possible partnership or to reach new clients. Instead of hiring a translator full time for occasional jobs, you can subcontract to specialize companies. And if your information is really precise, companies who offer scientific translation services will help you get a perfect work.


You can also try to hire polyvalent employees who will accomplish many different tasks. This option will be efficient only in the first steps of the growth of your company because as it evolves, you’ll quickly need specialized professionals to make sure the work is quickly done right. You should always deliberate if the task is important enough to make sure that it’s done perfectly right. Some mistakes could really affect the success of your company. Subcontracting with companies you can trust will take some stress off and gives you the opportunity to focus on the aspects you master and you’re good at. You should always ask yourself if saving money is worth the risk.